Visiting Iceland in Summer Months


“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

Iceland is a place which can be visited at any time of the year. But if you plan for visiting Iceland in the summer months, it would be more pleasant. As the temperature rises up to nearly 20-degree Celsius, so the weather becomes quite moderate to visit.
Visiting Iceland in Summer Months is totally worth, as the environment is warmer and full of greenery. There is an arrival of the spring season with the birds chirping and melting of ice.


In summer, it is easy to travel to the Golden Circle, South Coast of Iceland as it is densely covered with snow during winters. You might not know, the first Thursday after 18 April is celebrated as First Day of Summer, the sun shines and the flower blooms.
There are various sightseeing places to visit and explore the country. Along with this, you can also take part in some adventure activities, like hiking, climbing, snorkeling, etc. Here is the list of places and activities that you must go for while visiting Iceland in summer months:

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a wonderful natural phenomenon which takes place during the winter months, mostly up to May month. The most ideal approach to see the Northern Lights is to escape the city on a dark clear night with and head out into the obscured wide-open area. If you want to see the Aurora privately with your friends or family, we exceedingly suggest a Northern Lights Tour. You can book a super jeep, a vehicle that is modified for off-road tours, to visit the unseen beautiful places.

2. Glaciers of Iceland

Iceland is a place full of landscapes and thrilling adventure sites. Around 14% of Iceland is covered with snow and glaciers. There are a lot of ice caps like Sóheimajökull glacier and Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. The glaciers are on the verge of melt, makes it look astonishing and icy masses present here are ideal for hiking and climbing, the best thing you can do while visiting Iceland in summer months. Thousands of visitors come to Iceland to experience this exciting adventure of hiking and snowmobiling. Only a short distance from Skaftafell is the wonderful Jökulsárlón glacier river lagoon. Langjökull is the second largest glaciers in Iceland.

3. Whale and Puffins watching
The summertime is the best time to visit the north part of the town of Akureyri where you can watch out various species of whales and dolphins. In the North, the most generally spotted whales this season are humpback whales, minke whales, and harbor porpoises. Orcas, or executioner whales, have likewise been found in these waters in April just as the colossal blue whale. This might be one of your best experiences during Visiting Iceland in Summer Months.

4. The First Day of Summer

The first Thursday after 18th April is a national holiday as it is celebrated as the First Day of Summer. After a long hard winter passes by and the temperature rises a bit, it’s no big surprise Icelanders are loaded up with an expectation for the spring. April delivers a couple of customs, some of which are global ones, similar to April Fool’s Day, and others, similar to the first day of summer, are remarkably Icelandic.

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Thingvellir National Park: A World Heritage Site


Have you heard about Thingvellir National Park before?

Thingvellir National Park

It is located on the very famous Golden Circle Route. It is one of the most visited attractions of Iceland as the place has both geological and historical significance with its fascinating landscape.

Let’s know more about this national park in details:

1. Historical Significance

Thingvellir has a significant place in the minds of the Icelandic people, as it has great historical importance for the country. The Icelandic parliament called (Althing) had been assembled for the very first time in a valley at the Thingvellir park, which happens to be the same place where the present tectonic plates are situated.

Thingvellir National Park
A place called Lögberg was the center point of the Althing where the speeches and discussions were held. At that time, more than five thousand people come together at this place to take part in the annual assembly, which would last for two weeks. In this assembly, major announcements were made about the concern of the country. Also, a new calendar was published and legal rules were made for the entire country. People were allowed to raise their issues in front of the assembly to get their dispute solved.

2. Social Significance
According to the statistics, around 4000 people were gathered in the Althing for two weeks not only for legal purposes but also for some social activities. In the old law book Grágás, food and drink stalls were mentioned, and in numerous Icelandic old books, reference is made to larger brewers and food merchants. Dealers, sword-sharpeners, and leather experts would sell their products and services, artists performed and lager producer prepared beverages for the gathering visitors.

3. Campaign for Independence
Þingvellir represented as a symbol for the national solidarity in Iceland’s history towards freedom in the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years. The last Althing was held at Þingvellir in the mid-year of 1798.

Miljöer-Nationalpark, Övrigt-Personer

At the point when the European revolution for freedom came to Iceland toward the start of the nineteenth century, the historical tales and the places of Þingvellir were revived. Þingvellir then played a significant role in the public arena as an image of unity.

The independence campaign spread the discussion of the new area for the Alþing. There were contrasts of opinions with respect to where the new Althing ought to be found, yet Þingvellir was proposed right away.

In 1848, the first Þingvellir meeting was held, attended by 19 delegates who made an appeal to the ruler mentioning that he give Icelanders the same rights that are given to Denmark.

4. Celebrations
In 1874, a national celebration was held at Þingvellir to commend 1000 years of the settlement in Iceland. On this event, King Kristian IX gave Icelanders their first constitution, as indicated by which the Alþing was conceded restricted administrative and money related forces. Numerous Icelanders went to Þingvellir to observe an occasion that denoted a watershed in their battle for autonomy.

In the mid-year of 1930, a vast celebration was held at Þingvellir to commend the Millennium of the Alþing itself. The Alþing celebration was the principal general festival of Icelanders where a considerable extent of the country was available, around 30-40,000 individuals.

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5. World Heritage Site
It turned into a National Park in 1930 and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2004.

Thingvellir National Park
Thingvellir National Park

It is situated on the mainstream course known as The Golden Circle, which highlights other vacation spots, for example, Gullfoss cascade and Geysir Geothermal.
This is among one of the two places where the two tectonic plates (American plate and Eurasian plate) can be seen above the earth’s surface, which are drifting apart by 2cm every year. The Silfra fissure is the place where snorkeling and rafting activities are being done.

The Thingvellir National Park is the most visited places in Iceland because of its historical and cultural values. And it is totally worth going and exploring the insides once in the lifetime.

5 Wonders of Iceland

There is no other spot on Earth where such natural wonders show up so near one another.


It is no big surprise why Iceland has turned into the best travel goals and can be found on the can travel list of such a huge number of individuals from everywhere around the world. Give us a chance to present you the most astonishing natural phenomenon that can be found in Iceland!

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the significant reasons why numerous tourists visit Iceland. Having this breathtaking light show moving over the sky above you is hard to depict in words. You just need to experience it yourself.


The best time to see the Northern Lights is in winter especially from October to February month. The lights are clearly visible when the sky is dark and generally clear. On the off chance that you visit Iceland in the wintertime, make a point to go out Northern Lights chasing. It definitely will be a memorable tour to Iceland.

The Midnight Sun

When the Northern Lights are difficult to visualize, there is another supernatural thing that makes Iceland so unique: the Midnight Sun. There is no reason for comparing these two natural wonders since they are both mysterious in their very own exceptional ways.

Iceland, being near the Arctic Circle, appreciates the enchantment of the midnight sun from May to August. In the northern locales, the sun balances directly over the skyline throughout the night while in the southern districts, it plunges underneath the skyline for a bit. The entire nation encounters wonderful nightfall dawns where brilliant and pink shades paint the skies and keep going throughout the night.

Glacier and River Lagoons

Iceland’s shocking glacier lagoons are the absolute most commended regular ponders on the planet. Out of many, Jökulsárlón is the most popular lagoons in Iceland. Tourists allude to it as the crown gem of Iceland and a noteworthy feature of the Iceland visit.


These wonderful ice lagoons just structure at the tip of an ice sheet tongue. As the ice gradually melts and withdraws, it forms into a lake. This lake is loaded up with frigid meltwater and ice lumps that sever of the glacier’s tip. The icy masses can fluctuate to a great extent fit as a fiddle, from little precious stone like pieces to enormous ice sheets that can be as vast as 20-30 meters (65-98 feet) over.


With 32 dynamic volcanic networks in Iceland, there is continually something for lovers to keep an eye out for in Iceland. A volcanic ejection happens every 4-5 years in Iceland. The last emission occurred at the Bárðarbunga spring of gushing lava under Vatnajökull ice sheet. It finished on February 28, 2015, implying that the following emission is expected whenever!

You can, for instance, climb up to crisply shaped pits, for example, Magni and Móði which were framed amid the Eyjafjallajökull eruption of 2010.

Ice Caves

With 11% of its all-out land territory covered by ice, Iceland is definitive icy mass heaven. Europe’s biggest ice cap can be found in Iceland alongside various little ones.

A significant number of the Icelandic glaciers are very simple to get to, enabling Iceland to offer an incredible choice of glacier adventure tour to its visitors. A standout amongst the most novel things you can do is investigate a precious blue ice cave that has shaped inside a glacier.

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Entering an ice cave is like a dream. Shining like a precious stone, cyan blue, and completely clear, ice caves have its own strange environment that can’t be experienced anyplace else on the planet.

Travel To Iceland | Iceland Trips

Iceland-travel, trips-to-iceland, travel-to-iceland

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands” – Sir Richard Burton

To get an idea of what Iceland looks like, endeavor to imagine the outside of an involved moon later on. It’s a spot that is known for volcanic mountains, of brilliant greatness, the place where there are Vikings, and inadequately populated towns. You must have a solid assurance and a specific measure of willing to keep going extremely long against what nature has in accumulated there, however, what else would you expect from the domain of Asgard?

Iceland-travel, trips-to-iceland, travel-to-iceland

How to Reach?

The primary course all through Iceland is to fly through the one all-inclusive air terminal. The spot is all around associated with the ocean course moreover.

What’s To Be Expected

Iceland can be a particularly unprecedented country with cold and stormy atmosphere, and the language is one that has not changed much over the most recent hundred years. This culture is so tied up in nature and the Vikings extravagant folklore. The inhabitants of Iceland are open, benevolent, and among the most lovely has of any country, most of the general population have had faith in the presence of mythical people.

This could be a standout amongst the best nations for the individuals who love open air undertakings. This doesn’t mean the nice climber, yet rather the committed pilgrim and the uncommon experience darling. There is plenty of excursions and activities for the all the more accommodating and typical individuals, in any case, the people who love to investigate the genuine magnificence of planet Earth, this spot will be heaven.

Iceland-travel, trips-to-iceland, travel-to-iceland

Reykjavik is the capital city, the northernmost capital on the planet. It is the biggest and populated town in the nation. There are several intriguing shops and tourist spots, notwithstanding, there are a couple of unprecedented record stores, distinctive great open divider works of art, and a substantial number of bars and clubs that are responsible for the city’s uncommonly nightlife.

The Rugged Frontier

You can take one of a couple modified Discover Iceland’s Tour, you’ll even be gotten at your Reykjavik in and returned continuously end.

Among the outside occasions like whale watching visits, caverns jumping trips, and an outing to the segment line of the North American and European structural plates is genuinely cool. You can take a steed riding to discover the country’s prized sort of steed, a comparable lineage, and breed that was used by the old Vikings themselves. They are really genuine about sparing this breed with the goal that Icelanders don’t permit any steeds from outside the nation.


The people who love space and experience monstrosity can visit the base slopes of Eyjafjallajökull spring of gushing lava to get a sentiment of what it takes after to be at the outside of the moon. Be advised that this mountain is still especially a working wellspring of fluid magma, as the world saw in 2010.

Those looking even more agreeable activity can experience multi-day or more at the amazingly popular Blue Lagoon hot springs and spa.

Any excursions to Iceland ought to be warily asked about before you land. Nobody wants to be stunned to realize at long last that the primary target of the visit, to see the Aurora Borealis, had wrapped up. Additionally, one would not be fulfilled to find that Lundey island, home to 90% of the world’s puffin populace seem only for a little window of the year. Some improvement research can go far towards a voyager’s bliss, with the exception of if that pioneer acknowledges three-hour watercraft rides through the choppiest sea on earth to see puffins.

That is all anybody has to know.

Fish and Lamb

Icelandic nourishment can skip between lusciously sudden dishes in contrast with you’ve apparently any time had and the sort of things found at a Renaissance Faire. Skyr and Brennivín (the country’s imprint liquor) is something of a coordinated distinguishing strength yet is, generally, a peculiarity dish. Being a chilly northern island, most fish will be unbelievable and new. The meat, of course, will either be imported and thusly incredibly costly or will be a very reestablished close-by meat, no doubt sheep. Going neighborhood is the best methodology yet the sweet, salty sort of eased Icelandic meats are Scandinavian and they are a picked up taste.


The area bread, a sweet creation, is, well, another obtained taste. The dearest yogurt drink Skyr is brilliant and makes for an uncommon breakfast.

5 Reasons to Visit Iceland

You might hear about Iceland, a major tourist spot in the world. As the name suggests, it has snows, glaciers, and cold mountains, but, but don’t let the cold scare you off – the island might be simply underneath the Arctic Circle, yet the temperatures in winter are frequently higher than in New York, just for instance. Iceland is considerably more than simply frozen climate and astonishing glaciers, so pack your thoughts and things to discover the undiscovered beauty of Iceland.

“I still don’t know why, exactly, but I do think people can have a spiritual connection to landscape, and I certainly did in Iceland.” – Hannah Kent

This island in the North Atlantic has various beautiful places to offer to travelers. Regardless of whether you want to visit for your weekend or planning an inclusive experience trip, Iceland has many energizing and fascinating sides that consolidate to make it really unique. Below are the reasons to make Iceland your next trip.

5 Reasons to Visit Iceland:

1. Iceland – The Land of Ice and Fire

Iceland is a nation of differentiating landscapes, which is the reason it is known as the Land of Ice and Fire.

Iceland Glaciers
Iceland Glaciers

You will discover numerous glaciers when you visit Iceland, especially in the western parts of the island, including the biggest in Europe – the Vatnajokull glacier, and yet, you will likewise discover many volcanoes, both dynamic and wiped out, alongside a lot of magma fields, hot springs, lagoons, and fountains. Truth be told, Iceland has more hot springs than any nation on earth while the term geyser itself is gotten from Iceland’s Great Geysir in Haukadalur.

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

Besides these, Iceland likewise has numerous waterfalls, including Dettifoss, one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe and the delightful Black Falls. It also has numerous lakes, waterways, fjords, mountains, and little islands, similar to the Westman Islands, which are totally worth visiting. To encounter the best of Iceland’s natural miracles, ensure you pay a visit to the Golden Circle, go into the Highlands, or drop by the nation’s national parks – Snaefellsjokul, Vatnajokull and Thingvellir.

2.Soak in geothermal waters

Who wouldn’t appreciate a crystal blue, geothermal water with surrounded by mesmerizing snow-covered lava rocks? The sulfur-and silica-rich water of the Blue Lagoon is known for its normal and recuperating powers. In any case, in Iceland, it isn’t such an issue to locate a characteristic hot tub since geothermal vitality warms up homes, showers, and pools, both open and private. In pretty much every town in Iceland, you can locate a geothermic outside open swimming pool – such is the vital social and wellbeing society encompassing a visit to the pool. There are additionally geothermic hot springs built in the countryside, settling in caverns and in waterways that are bathing temperature.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

If you want to take a break and meet new local people, head to the geothermal-warmed swimming pool Laugardalur Park, ideal outside Reykjavik downtown area.

3. Winter Wonderland

Winter is an enchanted season in Iceland when the mountains and fields are shrouded in new snow, the lakes and waterfalls solidify over and the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights set up a wonderful show, illuminating the skies in numerous parts of the country. This is particularly valid amid the Christmas season when whole urban areas, towns, and towns are lit up with twinkling lights and the thirteen Yule Lads meander around to spread underhandedness and Christmas cheer.

Northern Lights

You can even visit the Yule Lads in their caverns close Akureyri. Albeit numerous streets are shut, there are still a lot of exercises accessible, especially winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and tobogganing. The biggest ski resort in Iceland is Blafjoll, which is only a few minutes from the capital city, Reykjavik.

Take a mobile or ice-climbing visit on the Solheimajokull glacier or shockingly better, an independently directed driving voyage through Ring Road, the fundamental national course that circles the nation.

4. Outdoor Adventures

Iceland is likewise outstanding for its one of a kind horse breed, which is known for having an easy ride, and the opportunity to ride will be one reason why you should visit Iceland. Without a doubt, riding an Icelandic horse is an uncommon and astonishing thing which you should experiment with and it is certainly an extraordinary way to explore Iceland’s lovely common scenes.

Horse ride

Besides horseback riding, there are numerous other energizing open-air activities for you to try when you visit Iceland, for example, playing golf under the midnight sun, cycling around Reykjavik and climbing in the mountains and fjords. Watersports flourish, also, for example, boating, swimming, ocean kayaking, and sports angling. Something you shouldn’t miss.

5. Music

Icelander’s music lovers anticipate a fascinating music scene when you visit Iceland. Here, you will hear people melodies spilling from little towns and nearby bars, traditional music reverberating from show lobbies and theaters, shake music throbbing in the different dance club and numerous different sorts of music. Indeed, Iceland even has its very own metal scene, while jazz fans will love sticking around amid the Reykjavik Jazz Festival. Obviously, Bjork’s collections are sold in pretty much every music store, as well, and in case you’re fortunate, you may even get the opportunity to watch one of her shows.

Iceland Music

Icelandic music is maybe one of its most outstanding social fares. You can go to a music celebration pretty much each period of the year, from Dark Music Days in January to Secret Solstice in June. For example, Mengi, a craftsman run one-room exhibition space, and in large venues, the unique architectural play host to performers from both Iceland and abroad.

5 Places to Visit in Reykjavík

“Investment in Travel is an Investment in Yourself”

– Matthew Karsten

Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland is the major tourist attraction in Iceland. Reykjavik, on the bank of Iceland, is the country’s capital and biggest city. It’s home to the National and Saga historical centers, following Iceland’s Viking history. The striking cement Hallgrimskirkja church and pivoting Perlan glass arch offer clearing perspectives of the ocean and adjacent slopes.

Reykjavík is a place full of beauty, adventures, and festive. There will never be a dull day in Reykjavík amid the wintertime, regardless of whether the days are dim!



Especially in the winters, when the whole town is covered in the snow, there are chances to Northern Lights. Besides, this there’s likewise a full timetable of social occasions with celebrations in abundance, shows, plays, and numerous regular displays.

5 Places to Visit in Reykjavík in winters:

1. Hallgrimskirkja Church – The Church highlights, most notably, an immense pipe organ structured and developed by the German organ developer Johannes Klais of Bonn.

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Hallgrimskirkja Church


Standing tall at an amazing 15m and gauging a striking 25 tons, this mechanical activity organ is driven by four manuals and a pedal, 102 positions, 72 stops, and 5275 funnels, all intended to replicate ground-breaking notes equipped for filling the tremendous and heavenly space with a scope of tones – from the dulcet to the emotional. Its development was finished in December 1992 and has since been used for shooting purposes.

2. Perlan Museum – Perlan Museum-Wonders of Iceland is one of the biggest and most aspiring presentation extends in Reykjavík as of late. The gallery is arranged in one of Reykjavík’s most noteworthy structures, Perlan, and will be an unquestionable requirement visit for any traveler – for the world-class historical center as well as for its astounding all-encompassing perspectives of Reykjavík, extraordinary engineering and fantastic eatery, bistro, and blessing shop.

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Perlan Museum


The primary display, Glaciers, and Ice opened on 2 July and more will pursue one year from now. The Glacier and Ice presentation are incorporated with one of the six high temp water tanks that make up Perlan and begins with an ice give in that have been developed inside the building, the first of its benevolent around the world.

3. Videy Island – An island, where cultural art, history, and nature lies just past the city shore. The mix of staggering perspectives, verifiable remains, and contemporary craftsmanship pieces make Viðey island something unique.

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Videy Island

Only a short ride takes you to a different universe, which is to be experienced voluntarily. From settling winged animals and all-encompassing perspectives to Yoko Ono’s well known ‘Envision Peace Tower’ and Richard Serra’s ‘Achievements’, you’ll find a desert spring of harmony, excellence, and history.

4. Harpa Concert And Conference Center – Harpa is one of Reykjavik’s most noteworthy and recognized tourist spots. It is a social and cultural focus in the core of the city and highlights breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Harpa Concert And Conference Center

Harpa is a charming goal for interested explorers and its stupendous scale grant winning design has pulled in 4 million visitors since its opening, May 4, 2011. Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Center offers the best offices for shows and gatherings in Northern Europe. Harpa has gotten various honors and prizes.

5. Whales of Iceland – Whales of Iceland is the biggest museums for whales on the planet. There are 23 life-measure models of the species found in Icelandic waters. These range from one of the littlest marine warm-blooded creatures, the harbor porpoise, as far as possible up to the huge blue whale.

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Whales of Iceland

Meander among these stunning creatures while tuning in to their particular sounds in surrounding lighting that will make you feel just as you are submerged with them.

There are still many undiscovered attractive places in Reykjavík. This was the list of major places, stay tuned for more Iceland blogs. To know the details about the Iceland packages, check out the website Discover Iceland.