Are you planning to visit a nation where you would be astonished by natural marvels at each step? A good way fulfill your objective is visiting Iceland, particularly exploring the broad spectrum of ice caves it boasts off. There is no dearth of ice caves in the country. In fact, a short tour of 7-days is not at all enough to explore all of its popular ice caves. Make a list of caves you want to visit, with support from a reliable travel agency. Here is a precise list.

The Ice Caves at Vatnajokull

Vatnajokull is factually the largest and most imposing ice-cap glacier in Europe, included in the itineraries of most of the Iceland Private Tours, organized by a reputable travel agency, such as Discover.

It has a whopping surface area of 8,100 kilometer square.

The thickness of the glacier is 380 meters.

There are several ice inlets in the region.

Two particularly interesting ice caves are– Anaconda Ice Cave & Crystal Ice Cave.

The gleaming ceiling of the caves, when sunrays fall and reflect, creates a mesmerizing spectacle.

Ice Caves of Breiðamerkurjökull glacier

Breiðamerkurjökull glacier is another fascinating place where you should plan to visit in Iceland Private Tours to witness the magical effects of ice and light in beautiful caves.

In fact, the Crystal Cave here is considered to be the most popular of all ice caves in Iceland.

The fascinating translucence of the cave is bound to fill your heart with elation.

The cave has the capacity of accommodating 80 tourists.

The enchanting Katla Ice Caves

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier is yet another highly engrossing spot that you should target in your itinerary of discovering the beauty of Icelandic ice caves.

You can visit the famous Katla Ice Cave here.

It is 800-year old.

There is also another renowned cave at the central part of the glacier, called the ‘dragon glass.’

The impeccable fusion of ice-blue hues and eccentric shades of volcanic ashes in the cave create a unique appeal in the interiors.

The Ice Cave at Langjokull

Langjokull is the second largest glacier in Iceland. It boasts of an approximate area of 950 kilometer square.

The formation of ice here is on special hyaloclastite mountains.

It has a peculiarly oblong shape, which gives it its name, meaning ‘the Long Glacier’.

There are numerous artificially constructed ice tunnels, along with ice caves, at this spot.

There are also beautiful carve out ‘ice-rooms’ in the ‘belly’ of the glacier.

There are 5 such rooms at a depth of 300 meters below the glacier’s surface.

Prioritize the ice cave you want to visit

You might have fairly understood by now that there are some really wonderful options in Iceland, as far as visiting and exploring ice caves are concerned. You can simply prioritize the caves that you want to visit first. The experience adds more value to the itinerary. A wise measure you can take is consulting a top-rated travel agency that would make you avail a suitable package with customized itineraries.


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