Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach

These days Iceland has become the most popular spot for all adventure lovers. If someone is really into natural beauty than should not leave to explore the natural wonders of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Black sands of the Diamond Beach.

Diamond beach tour ICELAND

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

In Iceland, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions due to its astonishing beauty. People also call it ‘Glacier’s-River-Lagoon’.It is situated in the Vatnajökull National Park in the south-east of Iceland. The glacier is melting due to global warming which results in an increase in the size of lagoon. This place is so beautiful, so breathtaking, I am sure anyone would fall for this place. You got so much to do, like boat tour in the lagoon, which is available from May to October. You find no comparison of, floating icebergs on the lagoon which are so soothing to your eyes. And another best part about this lagoon is, it is one of the deepest lakes of Iceland.
Diamond beach tour ICELAND
In winters you can watch crystal ice caves which are totally alluring. There are so many other natural beauty Iceland has to offer in this area which surely cannot be missed. This place is full of wildlife. You can see a lot of birds chirping, fishes swimming, which is definitely a delight to watch. The beauty of this place has been shot on camera too, which means four to five movies were shot in this place which is quite amazing. There is a special attraction in August month, you can take part in the fireworks show where the entire sky is sparkled with fireworks.Jökulsárlón is much better if you have to stay overnight. It can never be boring. Enjoy weather, drive, click pictures, do activities, so much to do.
There are few places around this area which is also a pleasure to watch, One of them is the Diamond beach which is just 600m away.

Diamond Beach

Diamond beach is one of Iceland’s most mesmerizing natural wonders. In Iceland other than the glaciers you will find a beach which makes your tour perfect. There are enough places to stay at or nearby Diamond beach. The special thing about this beach is its bright diamonds, glittering chunks of ice which make this beach so-named.
black sand beach
The rainbow out of light reflections makes it more lustering. Diamond Beach is all black sand surrounded by the deserted area with glaciers. You can find camping areas too in a small little forest which is beautifully fertile. You can visit the diamond beach at any time of the year. But Diamond beach in winter is truly delightful. In winter, the ice can become huge, twice of the average person. Just make sure, you dress according to weather and don’t forget to bring a flashlight.
Music videos were also filmed at Diamond beach, which is a huge hit and the beauty of the beach played well for them. It is worth watching the place. Being here, it gives you a warm feeling and you get so relaxed from your daily life in the lap of nature.

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