Visiting Iceland in Summer Months

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

Iceland is a place which can be visited at any time of the year. But if you plan for visiting Iceland in the summer months, it would be more pleasant. As the temperature rises up to nearly 20-degree Celsius, so the weather becomes quite moderate to visit.
Visiting Iceland in Summer Months is totally worth, as the environment is warmer and full of greenery. There is an arrival of the spring season with the birds chirping and melting of ice.


In summer, it is easy to travel to the Golden Circle, South Coast of Iceland as it is densely covered with snow during winters. You might not know, the first Thursday after 18 April is celebrated as First Day of Summer, the sun shines and the flower blooms.
There are various sightseeing places to visit and explore the country. Along with this, you can also take part in some adventure activities, like hiking, climbing, snorkeling, etc. Here is the list of places and activities that you must go for while visiting Iceland in summer months:

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a wonderful natural phenomenon which takes place during the winter months, mostly up to May month. The most ideal approach to see the Northern Lights is to escape the city on a dark clear night with and head out into the obscured wide-open area. If you want to see the Aurora privately with your friends or family, we exceedingly suggest a Northern Lights Tour. You can book a super jeep, a vehicle that is modified for off-road tours, to visit the unseen beautiful places.

2. Glaciers of Iceland

Iceland is a place full of landscapes and thrilling adventure sites. Around 14% of Iceland is covered with snow and glaciers. There are a lot of ice caps like Sóheimajökull glacier and Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. The glaciers are on the verge of melt, makes it look astonishing and icy masses present here are ideal for hiking and climbing, the best thing you can do while visiting Iceland in summer months. Thousands of visitors come to Iceland to experience this exciting adventure of hiking and snowmobiling. Only a short distance from Skaftafell is the wonderful Jökulsárlón glacier river lagoon. Langjökull is the second largest glaciers in Iceland.

3. Whale and Puffins watching
The summertime is the best time to visit the north part of the town of Akureyri where you can watch out various species of whales and dolphins. In the North, the most generally spotted whales this season are humpback whales, minke whales, and harbor porpoises. Orcas, or executioner whales, have likewise been found in these waters in April just as the colossal blue whale. This might be one of your best experiences during Visiting Iceland in Summer Months.

4. The First Day of Summer

The first Thursday after 18th April is a national holiday as it is celebrated as the First Day of Summer. After a long hard winter passes by and the temperature rises a bit, it’s no big surprise Icelanders are loaded up with an expectation for the spring. April delivers a couple of customs, some of which are global ones, similar to April Fool’s Day, and others, similar to the first day of summer, are remarkably Icelandic.

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